50 Cent Reveals The Origin Of "The Belt" Hose

HipHop News Posted on June 12, 2018 at 12:58am

50 Cent Reveals The Origin Of "The Belt" Hose

It has something to do with the next season of "Power".

50 Cent has been rattling a few people with its most recent slogan, "the strap."

After taking a small break from Instagram, the executive Power returned a week later, regularly subtitling in their jobs with the phrase "the strap." 50 even uploaded a photo of NYPD deputy inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez with the slogan written in the title, which leads to an investigation that could lead to misdemeanor aggravated stalking charges for the deletion of post.

After all that (as well as filing a trademark for the saying), 50 has continued with the use of the phrase, and now it has finally revealed where it comes from.

"Belt" is actually a phrase that 50, the character, Kanan Starks, in the Starz show Power. During a recent interview, 50 explained that the line was written by the creator, Courtney Kemp, for one of the upcoming episodes of Season 6.

During the interview, 50 also talks about the direction of some of the episodes of the next season of Energy.


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