50% Think That Kanye West & Donald Trump Shared Similar Personality Traits

HipHop News Posted on January 17, 2018 at 4:49am

50% Think That Kanye West & Donald Trump Shared Similar Personality Traits

Fiddy also said that he felt like Carlton Banks listen to JAY-Z's "4:44."

Burbank, CA – Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was a guest artist on Conan, where he addressed a group of Hip Hop related topics. At one point during the interview, the executive Power, which does not stop talking in your mind, in comparison with the Kanye West-confidence to that of Donald Trump.

With a smile threatening plastered across his face, 50 recalled all the powerful figures of the West have drawn parallels over the years, including Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Jesus.

"As Kanye compares himself to Steve Jobs, Picasso, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney," he said. "I think this is a big part of building your self-esteem, but the construction is astronomically. You see yourself as the greatest of all".

Conan replied, "He is doing the same thing ..." before the age of 50 jumped in with, "... as Trump. It is the same thing. This is the part of your career that no one really believes in it. You have to have a lot of confidence to continue to exist. It is built so high, he just had a harder time before that."

In another part of the interview, 50 also referred to in his comments regarding JAY-Z, 4:44, which he compared to "golf course of the music" last July, shortly after the release of Hov's 13th studio album.

"The culture of Hip Hop is connected to the culture of the young," he said, "The kids gon' bring new, innovative things. He only had the maturity released in the material. It is great for me, as in my car, I am listening to but the kids, I really don't see the listening.

"I felt like Carlton Banks listening."

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