7-The Man Charlotte Rap Group Arrested In The Millions Of Dollars Of The Bank And The Identity Theft Scheme

HipHop News Posted on December 26, 2017 at 3:33am

7-The Man Charlotte Rap Group Arrested In The Millions Of Dollars Of The Bank And The Identity Theft Scheme

Well, what else are they supposed to stunt for The Gram?

Charlotte, NC – Seven members of a Charlotte-area Hip-Hop outfit known as Freebandz group (no relation to the Future) went the extra mile to prove that you can't believe everything that these rappers flaunt on YouTube and Instagram.

According to WSOCTV Charlotte, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department report of the aspiring rap group had been racing to develop a social media plan where you ask people to open a "straw" of the bank account for $500-$1,000, and then strong alteration of checks and do with the money in cash before the banks even had a clue.

The indictment also accused the group of running elaborate identity theft lagoons, where one might use the information to buy cars and phones, and then turn on the street — or resell them. Through all the capers, the Federal it is speculated that the group with approximately $ 1.2 million before it was broken.

"It is a lucrative business," the sergeant. Robert Sprague, a specialist in the investigation of financial crimes, told the outlet.

"The use of other neighbors, the friends, the family, the relatives of their victims. Absolutely, this makes it very dangerous," Sprague said, citing how the Freebandz Gang would have been paid to individuals who have been known to open bank accounts in order to have easy access to the newly created PIN numbers.

"It would be a surprise to you all that this happens everywhere, in every city," Sprague said.

The official of the u.s. Department of Justice, press release identifies people as James Murray Willingham, Jr., 23-year-old Damonte Cruz, 27 years old, Deandre Howze, 23, Jeffrey Monteith, 22, Quadarius Thomas, 23, Laerek Williams, 25 years old, and Nemiah Davis, 25.

Each suspect resieds Charlotte and were accused of various counts of conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft, while the Cross and Thomas also face firearms-related charges.


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