Aaron Hernandez Thanked JAY-Z, Meek Mill & Rick Ross, On his Suicide Note

HipHop News Posted on August 22, 2018 at 8:23am

Aaron Hernandez Thanked JAY-Z, Meek Mill & Rick Ross, On his Suicide Note

The former star of the NFL and convicted murderer who died last year.

The former NLF star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez, he committed suicide in jail last year. Hours before he ended his life, wrote three suicide notes saying his final farewell. Now, the content of those notes have been revealed.

According to CNN, Hernandez wrote to his daughter Avielle Jenkins-Hernandez, girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins and her attorney Jose Baez.

In the note, Baez, thanks to artists like JAY-Z, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Kevin Gates, and Play to your music.

"I need a favor," the note reads. "If you have any contact to any artists such as Gates, Meek Mill, Ross, Jay, Game, etc ... I would like to send cards so that you can send to your information or in any way that suits you better. I do not want any means of communication really come into me, trying to send my love to all the artists that got me through my difficult times and I send my respect to a pair of the truth there is.

"So I think that is the best idea through you. It is something I have to do and I would appreciate if you could do that for me, if it is possible! If not, I'll figure something out. Well, get to me, love ya, brother!"

😳 I have my copy can't wait to read the #TEAMHERNANDEZ

A post shared by Aaron hernandez Life (@free_aaronhernandez_81) on August 21, 2018 at 7:31am PDT

The fragments of Hernandez's suicide notes are included in Baez's new book, Unnecessary Roughness: in the Final Judgment and the Days of Aaron Hernandez.

Hernandez was serving a life sentence for the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd, and had recently been acquitted of two other murder charges related to a July 2012 drive shooting outside of a nightclub in Boston when he died.

Even though I was only 27 at the time of his death, the New England Patriot had Stage 3 of CTE brain damage which is usually seen in someone at 20 years of age.


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