AD & Jackie Tran Conquer DX TURBO III: Rappers Vs. The players organized By BET and Wingstop

HipHop News Posted on June 22, 2018 at 2:38pm

AD & Jackie Tran Conquer DX TURBO III: Rappers Vs. The players organized By BET and Wingstop

HipHopDX third annual edition of the event featured the seventh iteration of Bandai Namco already legendary 3D fighter Tekken.

Los Angeles, CA – the Competition is a feature of both Hip Hop and Esports share from the heart. As a trait was the initial reason why HipHopDX decided three years ago to create an event that bridged the gap between the two worlds through the rap community-favoured event, DX TURBO.

By the third lap, the DX TURBO took the high-powered event in Downtown Los Angeles' illuminating the creative hub of The Great Company for Tekken 7 tournament powered by BET and Wingstop. As the first DX TURBO to be listed as an officer of the BET Experience event, the place was expertly divided in a couple of areas that include a casual gaming area where attendees could test their skills and the tournament room, where you could see the brutal action through the central part of the projection screen. Guests and competitors alike enjoyed special cocktails from Avion Tequila, Red Bull and tasty Wingstop chicken wings and the AR+VR experiences of Black Eyed Peas' "graphic novel" Masters Of the Sun through Wonder.

Making its debut in arcades for two decades before landing at Sony, the original PlayStation, a year later, the Tekken series has gone on to enjoy several sequels and sell a total of more than 44 million copies to date. When the factor of Tecmo Dead or Alive, and Bandai Namco's other popular Soul Calibur series, it is very clear that the franchise is Tekken continues to be the leader of the premier 3D fighting games.

Join earlier DX TURBO III champions Kirko Bangz and iPod King Carter (NBA Playgrounds) next to Futuristic and Chris Tatarian (Street Fighter V) was the unlikely partner of Compton spitter AD, and Jackie Tran, the last one, which recently won the third place in the ELEAGUE Tekken removal Team at the tournament in Atlanta. The championship was a spectacle for all ages, such as AD fought Page Kennedy 0-2 to force the end of the elimination round, where he and Tran emerged victorious against Page Kennedy, and first-level Tekken player Cuddle_C


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