Anderson .Paak Premieres "Bubblin'" & Says Dr. Dre Is Taking Him To The "Next Level"

HipHop News Posted on May 17, 2018 at 4:13am

Anderson .Paak Premieres "Bubblin'" & Says Dr. Dre Is Taking Him To The "Next Level"

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It has been about a year and a half since the Anderson .Paak dropped an album, but it is finally jumping back into the mix with a new track entitled "Bubblin'," follow-up "Until It's over."

Yes Lawd! the artist sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio to chop it up about the collaboration with Dr. Dre at Aftermath Records and "Bubblin'" means to him.

"'Bubblin" is just a lot of fun."Paak explains. "I had the pace of Jhalil Beats and Antman Wonder. Jhalil sent me a package of beats, you know 50, 60 beats. I loved them all. I was writing for all these times, and that was one of them that I loved out of the top."

"It sounded like a little black 007 action adventure and high-speed chase type of music. At first I was trying to get Lil Sims rap on it first, because she was in the study. I remember trying to reach out to other people, and then, finally, I just write in it. It took Me a couple of days. I did. I started in L. A. and finished in New York. And it was only one of them. Gets the energy going, gets the blood going."

After the release of Yes Lawd! on Stones Throw Records with producer Knxwledge as NxWorries, .Paak made the jump to the Root of the Records after working with Dre for several years. He has been absorbing everything she can from the pioneers of the Hip-Hop mogul.

"He has a lot of confidence in me," he explains. "He left me alone. He told me that just do their thang. I would love to be a part of it. He said to me, do I have to be a part of it, no, but what I really want to be. I was like you are definitely going to be a part of this, bro. And we've been going back and forth with this man's music for over two years and just get the right album that we really feel proud of.

"It has been very instrumental to take it to the next level. That is the point when you're working with a very good producer, they will stop producing. It is the drug, we have a lot of mutual respect for each other. Where the production of beats.


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