Arkansas Cop Fired For Telling Black Men of the Filming of Rap Video "does not Belong In My City"

HipHop News Posted on August 10, 2018 at 5:33am

Arkansas Cop Fired For Telling Black Men of the Filming of Rap Video "does not Belong In My City"

The initial Facebook video is now viral.

England, AK – A police officer in Arkansas was fired on Wednesday (8 August) after a group of black men, posted its viral video of him, saying, "it doesn't belong in my city."

According to KATV, The termination comes just two weeks after the video was released on Tuesday (August 7) in Facebook by one of the black men, Demarcus Heap. The video reveals a meeting on July 21 between the Official of Michael Moore and the group, as Moore attempted to thwart the group of black males' rap music video production in England, Arkansas, about 30 miles south of the state capital of Little Rock.

The video shows the 28-year-old Heap initially asked Moore, "Why are you following us?"

"You know why?" Moore responded. "Because you don't belong in my city."

Lot, then, said to Moore, "We are here".

Moore then said, "But I understand you, I know my people, right? That belongs here and who doesn't? We have gang wars going on, we have all sorts of things. I come from the great city where this material is small, okay? So, that's great. Do your thing."

"You said that you don't belong in their city, though?" Lot responded.

Moore responded, "can I say something? OK ... I've never seen here before, and I know almost everyone here."

Heap that is then passed to Moore that he is a native of England, and went to high school in the city.

"Well, well, my name is Mike Moore, OK. I'm not from here," the now unemployed man said. The police officer later warned the men to stay away from his police cruiser so he could leave his police dog.

Lot told KATV that he felt the meeting was unnecessary, and subjected to racial discrimination. He also dismissed Moore's notion about the gang wars in England, and that most of the people know each other in the village of about 3000 inhabitants.

"If you look at the news each day is the racial profiling, stereotypes and the murders of black youth. And if I hadn't been recording, and he didn't have h


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