A$AP Ferg, Remember, Its Best a$AP Yams Memories

HipHop News Posted on January 23, 2018 at 4:10am

A$AP Ferg, Remember, Its Best a$AP Yams Memories

The a$AP Mob, the rapper also talks about lending his artistic talent to a new Hennessy campaign.

More than three years after a$AP Yams' death,$AP Ferg shared bits of wisdom that he learned from the Yams that he still takes you to the heart during a recent interview with Billboard.

According to Ferg, the a$AP Mob co-founder highlighted the power of authenticity and believe in yourself.

"The yams" taught me to stick to my guns and be as authentic as I can be," Ferg said. "He was never satisfied with anything. The yam was one of those people who did not care about the mainstream or commercial success. He only wanted to do it. His vision was his vision. And he did so the a$AP Mob of the vision does not have to settle. The yam I taught to believe in myself."

He also recalled some of their favorite moments with the late a$AP Mob co-founder, who passed away in the year 2015 of a drug overdose.

"My best memory with the Yam it is our conversations," he says. "He and I would be on the phone for hours. I prefer to talk about different quirky and unique ideas. For example, once Yam told me that I should have this flower lady to enter on the stage for Valentine's Day and hand things to the women.

With Ferg's new campaign with Hennessy, the Harlem wordsmith had the opportunity to flaunt his creativity. In addition to the development of a signature cocktail for the cognac campaign Ferg also painted the cover art to the "Family", which will be available in a limited edition of Hennessy kit Cocktail Messaging.

"Green aircraft is a painting I created inspired by my Struggle album cover, and Never stop. Never settle. history. @hennessyus and I have an exclusive song titled the Family produced by @uptownfrankiep and video for you guys" YouTube.com/HennessyUS"

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"I think a lot more of my artistic side is starting to seep, he said. "This campaign is helping me to spread this message of [me] being creative. I have artistic freedom. There is a


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