Azad Right - Goddesses (Prod. by Millz Douglas) [Stream/ Listen]

Azad Right Posted on November 21, 2016 at 10:02am


You've got to listen to Azad Right 's new song, Goddesses (Prod. by Millz Douglas), which just broke out on Monday, November 21, 2016.

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Produced by: Millz Douglas
Mixed/Mastered by Daniel Braunstein
Creative Direction by Brando(

1 -
Unlike you, I'm only seeing the positives
Hitting the spot again, bring my whole posse in, feet up on ottomans
Sayin I changed like he just went pop and shit
I ain't bout poppin shit, I'm tryna get pops a crib, that's what I gotta get

Change the game my prerogative, they ain't use to a flow this provocative, but shit that's no accomplishment
they used to incompetent, politician rappers all lobbyist
say I'm cocky, they completely miss the concept of confidence

I done learned a lot from you haters
Yall eat too much McDonald's, don't get lost in the flavor
Spewing venom, here's a shot of anti oxidant
I'm too busy depositing paper, til the profits in my pockets is major

Allergic to gossip, my new girl is proper, no make up
Double taking, see you thirstin for oxygen, haters
They serving me bottles, I'm on the verge of surfing, mahalo
You getting curved while I'm flirting with goddesses Babi

The way she move her body
Girl, you so erotic

Won't you come and ride it?

2 -
She moved from Atlanta, pursuing all the shoots and the cameras
She thinking she the truth... ay, hold up
getting loose, sippin goose in cabanas
and these fuck boys scoop her in phantoms, she really got the juice

she out your world like Jupiter, Saturn
draped in the smoothest of Satin, the way she moves she got that Lucifer magic
perfect balance tween beauty and banter
the sickest mind games that you could imagine, she make it happen, hold up

In the club with the ballers she get it cracking though
If you ain't packing you better just get to packing yo
Ain't fucking with you less you stacking
cause she got expensive habits and she always get exactly what she asking for

Bridge -
Girl, tell me what you waiting for
I ain't really tryna wait no more
You know I'm gon get it,

"v emotional"

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