Azealia Banks Says RZA "Coked" And Justifies Calling Cardi B "Illiterate"

HipHop News Posted on May 11, 2018 at 7:19am

Azealia Banks Says RZA "Coked" And Justifies Calling Cardi B "Illiterate"

"I didn't know that the bar is going to reduce a lot."

New York, NY – azealia Banks sat down with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy for his first Breakfast Club appearance on Friday (May 11).

Things started out relatively mild with the controversial rapper saying that she lives a "normal life", and calling herself "ditzy black girl that the whole world thins is strange." But once the topic turned to the infamous RZA and Russell Crowe incident, things took a sharp left.

"I don't give a fuck about RZA," Banks tells Charlamagne at the 38:47 mark. "RZA-you can call me when he has some money for me."

The Wu-Tang Clan vet had rushed to the Banks in their 2017 movie Love Beats and Rhymes, also starring Jill Scott, Method Man, and Common. But before its launch, the Banks accused Crowe of assaulting his Las Vegas hotel, and REZA did not come to his defense. The banks once explained that the film was released, she did not want to promote.

"It was embarrassing," she says. "All the things that happen around the movie it was humiliating. What the director is going to fire the star of the movie on the bus? As a fucking idiot. It was really stupid. To see someone who I thought was a sage guru to do something so stupid ...[that] was fucking up both our reputation.

"If RZA was smart, he should just shut the fuck up. Who wants to see a movie where the director slams the lead actress? [RZA] ruined my moment. I really don't give a fuck about these two clowns fucking. My biggest thing is that he took my time. That was my movie and it is fucked up RZA."

Between insults, the Banks also accused RZA of being on cocaine, every time she'd show up to work on the soundtrack.

"You fucked the two of us out of a lot of fucking money, dumb ass," she says. "You fucking asshole. Now, REZA and I are out of a lot of fucking money. The film was a failure. We didn't have a soundtrack. Every time that you're calling me to go to the studio, I come to the studio and you're fucking coked.

"RZA's a mannequin. Rea


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