Big Boi Latest Obsession Is Owls

HipHop News Posted on August 9, 2018 at 8:16am

Big Boi Latest Obsession Is Owls

"My new fetish now is the owl."

Big Boi stopped by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Wednesday (August 8) and talked about his Boomiverse album, their hometown, Atlanta, and his recent interest in owls.

"My new fetish now is owls", he explained. "So my assistant, Shay, she is in the birds and the man who trains their birds, brought this owl to the study of a single time and I fell in love with him. I bought two owls, Hooti and Houdini ... Mike Tyson had tigers. I have birds".

The legendary rapper also spoke about her 2017 album Boomiverse, as well as their achievements outside of OutKast.

"Two of my greatest achievements outside of being in OutKast is the signature of Janelle Monae and Killer Mike," he said. "Meet the artists and see that there are artists who can take the baton and run with it. They both knew what they wanted and I don't really have to take care of children while they were doing it. To see where they are now, I'm like a proud big brother."

Big Boi also discussed Atlanta's recent growth from the film industry has moved in and how she discovered Atlanta had done.

"The film industry arrived, so along with that came the traffic," he said. "I guess in the last five or six years, in Atlanta, the traffic has become like New York or L. A. traffic. That's how I discovered [that Atlanta did]."

See the entire interview above.


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