Big Boi Talks OutKast Collaboration With Tupac That Never Happened

HipHop News Posted on June 16, 2017 at 7:05am

Big Boi Talks OutKast Collaboration With Tupac That Never Happened

DX also speaks with Daddy Fat Sacks about his third full-length album "Boomiverse."

Los Angeles, CA – While rap connoisseurs are presumably celebrating the release of Big Boi's Boomiverse album, Tupac fans are likely all over the All Eyez On Me biopic as well, which fell on what would have been Tupac's 46th birthday, the Friday (June 16).

While at the premiere of the Benny Boom-directed film, HipHopDX Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark spoke with the member of OutKast on the red carpet about their experience at the meeting of the Pac for a show.

"It was a good feeling, and after that we spoke and you are supposed to do some music together," Big Boi said. "We are here to support him and his legacy this evening. He is one of the realest dudes I've ever met."

According to Hip Hop lore, Tupac was a big fan of Outkast. During 2013 Reddit session, Big Boi spoke about the first time he met the late rap legend.

"The first time I met Tupac, we were opening for him in Ohio and he was pulling up to the hotel in a limousine, and he jumped through the partition of his limo and threw the car in park because the driver wouldn't stop because I wanted to holler at me and Dre," he recalled. "He almost broke the transmission in the limo. In the Real life."

In 2015, unearthed handwritten letter dating back to 1996 disclosed plans for one Nation collaborative album that would have featured the iconic Atlanta duo next to other celebrities in the Hip Hop.

"I'm doing a record now called ONE NATION it's a group album with me, Greg Nice, Buckshot, Smiff & Wesson, OutKast, The Outlawz, Scarface & E40," Tupac Shakur, he wrote in the letter. "It's going to be in the late summer."

Daddy Fat Sax also spoke about his Boomiverse album, which he said is "all killer and no filler." Their third full-length solo studio album serves as the first since 2012's Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors together previously released singles "Mic" and "Kill Jill." Expect guest appearances from the likes of Adam Levine, Killer Mike, and Gucci Mane.

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