Big Sean & DJ Mustard Firm By Rémy Martin of the Producers of the Series

HipHop News Posted on May 9, 2018 at 11:52am

Big Sean & DJ Mustard Firm By Rémy Martin of the Producers of the Series

Live Nation is also on board.

New York, NY – in its fifth season, Rémy Martin, Producer of the Series is a tie between two frequent collaborators, setting the stage for the potential for the biggest competition yet.

Hip Hop superstar Big Sean and DJ Mustard have formally signed on to participate in the presentations before the grand final of the event, that will not make this month of September in Los Angeles. Beforehand, the Producer of the Series: The Co-Sign will be hosting live events in eighjt cities – new york, Detroit, las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston.

And for the first time in history, the Rémy Martin Producers winner of the Series will hit the studio with the officers of the armies (they Are Not and MustardOnTheBeatHoe) to create a song and the lyric video of the music.

"I'm happy to have worked with Remy on this. It is the perfect time for me because I'm literally in the study giving 100% of my attention to the music right now, and it is a great opportunity to link with aspiring producers and people who could be the next sound or be the next big producer," Big Sean said in a statement. "It's exciting to think that a star can be discovered through this competition, and that is what I'm very excited about, is finding the next new talent and work with them!"


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Mustard, that is seemingly in the middle of dropping the "DJ" from his stage nickname, chimed in saying, "I'm back with Remy Martin calling all producers to submit their beats for the Season 5, the Producers of the Series. Big Sean and I are looking for the best new tracks of anyone and everyone, whether for the first time beat maker, or a full-time producer. I'm here to help turn dreams into reality!"

In connection with the competition this year, Rémy Martin launched a limited edition of a minor component: The Rémy Martin 1738 ® Limited Edition Speaker Box, in collab


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