Bktherula Had A Spiritual Awakening Making 'Love Santana' That Revealed Her True 'Nirvana' Power

HipHop News Posted on October 26, 2020 at 11:45am

Bktherula Had A Spiritual Awakening Making 'Love Santana' That Revealed Her True 'Nirvana' Power

The Atlanta artist discussed why she's done with self-doubt and her journey to embracing the process of making her recently released album 'Nirvana'.

Bktherula was a different person before making Love Santana. So much so, that when she first started working on what would become the final project, she wasn’t even trying to make an album. Rather, she simply went to the studio everyday and crafted whatever came to mind.

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“I love the project, because it’s so much life being lived,” she says. “I think that’s the best thing for me. You have to live so much life and have all those moments, in order to go to the studio and make those songs. And then when you finally have it all done, you can just listen back and the playback is amazing. You can almost cry, it’s like, ‘I created this.’”

Bk made over 200 songs before she started to focus on the final product, and eventually trimmed it down to a concise 11 tracks. She vividly remembers the moment she realized the project was truly done, and the massive feeling of achievement that washed over her as soon as she pressed play. “I just felt something, like ‘holy shit, this is it,'” she said. “We don’t need to work on it anymore.’”

Above all else, though, Bk learned a powerful lesson about herself while making Love Santana.

“I really learned how powerful I was, and how I can really chang


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