Busta Rhymes Continues Taunting T.I. Over Declining Battle: ‘Kinfolk But He Don’t Want Smoke’

HipHop News Posted on October 24, 2020 at 10:45am

Busta Rhymes Continues Taunting T.I. Over Declining Battle: ‘Kinfolk But He Don’t Want Smoke’

Busta's warning comes ahead of T.I.'s Verzuz battle with Jeezy on November 19.

Busta Rhymes isn’t letting up off T.I. over disrespect.

After T.I. flatly dismissed the idea of taking on the New York rapper for a Verzuz matchup, Busta continued his verbal assault of Tip via Instagram on Saturday (October 24)..centered-ad {

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“You a king, I’m a God,” Busta said. “You lookin’ like a King and runnin’ ya mouth more than lookin’ like a King of the South. I never asked to do a Verzuz with you, my brother. I did an interview with Fat Joe on the big show and we had a Joprah moment.”

He added, “See, I know you love me. And I love you, and you know I love you. You my brother. The way we can joke and have fun like this is because we brothers. But all jokes aside, I’m not playing when it comes to respectfully competing. I will bust your ass, for real. And I will bust your ass at any given point and time you want to revisit this. I was asked if, as a New York MC, if the opportunity presented itself to take on you in a Verzuz, and of course I’m going to accept that shit with grace and open arms and welcome it in the most warm fashion I’m supposed to.”

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You might need to go sit your 85 year old fragile Body lookin’ ass down bruh. ????? Focus on your @verzuztv battle you got comin’, promote your album and relax family. You know I love ya but we can do this shit as long as you want. Oh b


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