BWA Ron Denies Getting Faded In Boosie Badazz & Kevin Gates Concert

HipHop News Posted on May 26, 2016 at 11:28am

BWA Ron Denies Getting Faded In Boosie Badazz & Kevin Gates Concert

DXclusive: Official deejay "2 Phones" rapper is the correct use of the platform provided for him to push his "Fuck Yo DJ" of the movement.

Los Angeles - A couple of weeks ago, the rap blogosphere got riled up after the video footage showed the scene of a violent clash between members of Boosie Badazz and Kevin Gates camps. Taking place at a venue in Louisville, KY., clear video footage showed what appeared to be a body to body. Media reported that the incident had much to do with a meat is going back to 2009 for the murder of Doors affiliated with Nussie by the hands of a hit ordered by Boosie. It is rumored to be in the center of the fight video was Gates's official DJ, BWA Ron.

The younger biological brother to the "2 Phones," the rapper has been moving in the right direction to establish its own brand abrasively titled Fuck Yo DJ. Recently, HipHopDX premiered the first single from the mixtape debut called after his controversial moniker through the "Damn She Bad", Doors Teddy and output that you are looking for to be a summer banger. And to think, the 20-year old Atlanta native, spent years separated from his older brother before you go to Bread Winners of the Association of the chamber of the back Doors on tours around the world.

Speaking with DX, BWA Ron speaks "Damn She Bad", Fuck I DJ of the mark, the learning from the stage of struggle and the desire to meet with DJ Khaled.

Leaving His Senior Year Of High School Behind To Tour With The Doors

"Life was crazy. I was in school and I'm not going to say that I was a bad kid, but I didn't take school seriously. I was always kicked out of class and sent home. Many of my friends at school said that I was not going to be any thing or graduate school. My mother told me the same thing and I believed in myself. When I was about to graduate, Kevin asked me to go on tour with him. It is going to go on tour with him or that I was going to graduate and go to the Marina. I did my papers, and once I got in the tour, he called me and told me that I never did the test when I did. I never had time to get back to that, because I was on tou


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