Cam'ron Suggests Mase "The Oracle" Is Pure Fiction

HipHop News Posted on November 30, 2017 at 3:13am

Cam'ron Suggests Mase "The Oracle" Is Pure Fiction

"I never dissed Mase."

Hip Hop fans were treated with good ol' fashion beef last week when Dipset rapper cam'ron and veteran MC Mase got into a war of words. Killa Cam recently stopped by The Breakfast Club and dismissed the idea that he dissed rapper turned pastor of all. He explains that he was simply telling his account of a certain "real-life" situations that has happened, and that Mase was spitting fiction.

In particular, reference is made to the line in the Mase "The Oracle" diss track that suggests that Cam had sexual relations with his own sister, something Cam flatly rejects.

"I never dissed Mase," said Cam. "I'm telling stories about real-life situations. I've never done 'fucked my sister,' the imaginary sister that I do not have. I don't have a sister. I don't really do fiction when it comes to Mase."

"I've never dissed Mase in my life," he continues. "I don't mess with Mase no more, because to me, personally, I just go by a different standard of the people. Once you start playing with God and taking people's money, and say that rap is the devil, then you come back and rap because they have no money, I can not pump with you. I'm not saying' I am the most religious man in the world, but I do not play with you when you play with God. There was a time when he was like, 'Yo, you know that the Deacon is gettin' the money.' I was like it's over. I really can't mess with you."

The two OG rappers publicly the peace shortly after the Cam responded to "The Oracle" with his own diss track called "the Hour of the Dinner", Saturday (November 25).

Mase also gave an interview earlier this week and explained why he dissed Cam.

See the full interview above.


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