Cardi B Admits to Feeling The Pressure Of the Top "Bodak Yellow"

HipHop News Posted on September 12, 2017 at 8:43am

Cardi B Admits to Feeling The Pressure Of the Top "Bodak Yellow"

New York, NY – As Cardi B's media presence continues to grow, there is a sense of the Love & Hip Hop star is simply grateful to have "arrived".

Since the release of his breakthrough hit "Bodak Yellow" in the month of June, the born in the Bronx, has been popping up everywhere, most recently in the New York City Fashion Week.

In a new interview published by the Associated Press, The stripper-turned-rapper spoke about the pressure of the top "Bodak Yellow", while discussing his next album, which is expected to arrive in the month of October.

"I'm a little nervous to put the project out, but it is as I think you will do very well," he said. "It's a lot of pressure on me. The whole world is waiting to see what I'm going to have the next and it is as if ... I hope that people will love. But I have confidence. I really believe that."

In another part of the interview, she touched on some of his favorite female artists, including Beyoncé, one of his idols. The two met on the JAY-Z's Made In America festival earlier this month in Philadelphia.

"I love Lil Kim, I love Trina, I like Remy Ma, I love Nicki [Minaj], I love all of them," he said. "Geesh, I love all of them. I mean, I'm surprised by Beyonce as I. Ahhh! I met Beyoncé."

"Bodak Yellow" currently sits at #2 on the Hot 100 chart, and the Cardi feels that his dreams are finally coming true.

"It feels amazing and it's overwhelming," he said. "It is as, always fills me with great happiness and much joy. Is as amazing. I've gone through so many things and I have worked so hard for me to be here, and it's like I'm finally here, I've gotten what I wanted, [and getting] the respect of other artists and for all".


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