Casanova Accused Of Theft For The Alleged Attack On The Woman

HipHop News Posted on October 11, 2018 at 2:30am

Casanova Accused Of Theft For The Alleged Attack On The Woman

The Brooklyn-bred artist denies the allegations.

New York, NY – Casanova, according to reports, was charged on Wednesday (10 October) on charges related to an alleged theft. As reported by The Explosion, the Brooklyn bred rapper was indicted on charges of theft and coercion. His alleged accomplice, Bobby Williams, was accused of strangulation.

According to the New York District Attorney, Casanova allegedly "forcibly stole property," and has instilled fear in the victim.

The incident occurred in August, when Casanova and Williams were eating in the City of New York Good Things of the Dinner. They believed dinner companions Niya Rucker was filming. Subsequently, Rucker, said that the attacked and stole his cell phone.

A warrant of arrest was issued shortly after and Casanova surrendered to the authorities. He was arrested for the theft of the charges, but denied the alleged assault occurred.

Casanova denied the allegations through his lawyer Scott Leeman.

"Casanova adamantly denies the allegation that he assaulted no one," Leeman said. "Any dispute that what he did is totally false. We are in the process of conducting our own investigation of these false accusations."

Casanova is currently on bail and is expected back in court in December.


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