City Girls' JT Shares Her Truth Following Altercation That Left 12-Year-Old Fan's Mom Crying

HipHop News Posted on February 10, 2021 at 11:41am

City Girls' JT Shares Her Truth Following Altercation That Left 12-Year-Old Fan's Mom Crying

The 'Act Up' rapper defended herself and insinuated the woman was simply looking for internet fame.

JT is telling her side after being blasted by a woman who said the City Girls rapper was “disgusting” to her 12-year-old daughter during a run-in at a hair salon.

The woman identified as April Bailey spoke to Instagram blog OnSite! and supplied them with videos of her incident with JT – as Bailey had interestingly been recording the entire time. According to her account, Bailey went off after feeling JT was rude when she was approached by the pre-teen while they were the only ones in a salon owned by stylist Jasmine Dior.

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In the clips provided, JT told Bailey she can’t check her, while Bailey was screaming at the top of her lungs saying she’d beat up the “Act Up” rapper. Videos of the actual fight have been removed.

In her response, JT explained she was caught off guard by the 12-year-old because she’d been approached from behind and her unenthusiastic “hey” was simply a knee-jerk reaction.

“1st I was alone because my friend who does hair ask me to stop by!” she explained. “& I thought I was gonna be there a quick second! & end up there longer then I expected to do my nails (it’s different suites in the place). 2. I had on mask & glasses meaning (I was low key) nobody knew I was there the lady went outside to tell her daughter who she left in car that I was in the back when I came back in the salon the little girl approached me from behind & said hey JT I looked back twice as a double take because I didn’t know where


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