Common Talks about Balancing Acting And Music In the EBONY Cover Story

HipHop News Posted on June 21, 2016 at 3:50pm

Common Talks about Balancing Acting And Music In the EBONY Cover Story

The rapper from Chicago is featured on the cover of The #SexyForever Problem.

Common celebrates more than two decades in the music industry and ten years in the film by competing in the latest issue of EBONY, nicknamed "The #SexyForever Problem." He rocks a pink suit and is recorded against the steering wheel of a boat photo.

In the interview, Common describes how he balances the action and the maintenance of his rap career.

He is preparing the release of an EP titled Little Chicago Boy, and he was announced as the lead in a possible TV adaptation of "Black Samurai" that RZA is the executive producer.

"I've taken advantage of new things about me that I didn't even know," he says of his music after getting involved in the film. The movie Smokin' Aces celebrates 10 years in January and he recently appeared in the Barber shop: The Next Cut with the Ice Cube, Eve and Nicki Minaj.

Common also credits the harsh criticism that he received after 2002 Electric Circus album, which forced him to explore other means of expression, besides music.

"I started to act, because after Electric Circus, I hit a ceiling," he says. "Such as," Where in the hip-hop I can go that I can be free and be myself without that [someone saying], 'oh man, why are you doing this, why do that?'"

Read an excerpt of The #SexyForever cover story in EBONY.

I am honored to grace the cover of a magazine that I grew up reading as a child. Thank you @EBONYMag— COMMON (@common), June 21, 2016


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