Compton's Most wanted Drops "RAW" a Single Spark 1st Album In 13 Years

HipHop News Posted on September 11, 2019 at 4:31am

Compton's Most wanted Drops "RAW" a Single Spark 1st Album In 13 Years

"Gangsta Bizness" arrives Friday (September 13).

Los Angeles, CA – Compton's most Wanted has returned with a new single called "RAW". The song comes from the West Coast OGs next Gangsta Bizness album, which is expected to arrive on Friday (September 13).

"We are on a mission to protect the West Coast music in its original form," MC Eiht says HipHopDX. "'RAW' is simply good music. Not to discredit new artist or past, originated from a sound of yesterday from the producers. It is nothing, but the quality of good music and rhymes — R. A. W. or " REAL AUTHENTIC WEST.'".centered-ad {

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Droppin Friday #CMWORIGINAL #UBITCHASSBITCH #BLUESTAMPOFFICIAL @eiht0eiht @thachillcmw @empire @richard.powell.7731 @nite_ryda @the_kitchen_dudez @djpremier @cherellgtvocals @dbg.adro @bigweazelloc @bltrax @djmiketzlee @dj_cell_dpg @jaesynth @point_guard_game @ferhanmusic @deeacebeats @dawgdesign @msangeliqueashton @californiacannabissoto

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