DaBaby & DaniLeigh Confirm Rekindled Romance On Instagram

HipHop News Posted on December 5, 2020 at 5:36am

DaBaby & DaniLeigh Confirm Rekindled Romance On Instagram

The "Levi High" collaborators were in a brief entanglement over the summer, prompting the Miami singer/songwriter to believe she got her first "haters" over it.

DaBaby and DaniLeigh are back on as a couple after a recent hang in Los Angeles.

The “BOP” rapper and the “Lil Bebe” singer shared photos of one another on Instagram Friday (December 4) including a post from Dani hugging DaBaby from behind. She captioned he post “my baby idc” with a heat emoji..centered-ad {

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The “Levi High” collaborators had been on and off for months, initially beginning in March and then fans speculating more dating rumors in July. Rather than engage fans discussing the pair’s split in July, Dani took the high road as some believed she was stepping in the middle of DaBaby’s relationship with the mother of his daughter, MeMe.

“But idc to explain to anyone in the world cause I really don’t owe y’all nothing,” Dani wrote in response to a fan who said DaBaby was single when he dated Dani. “The world has more hate and would rather me be a woman that started something with someone that was ‘already in a relationship’ so idc at all.”


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