Daddy-O Suggests Rakim Is A Liar, More Of "I Know You Got Soul" Lyrics

HipHop News Posted on March 11, 2016 at 2:15pm

Daddy-O Suggests Rakim Is A Liar, More Of "I Know You Got Soul" Lyrics

Daddy-O criticizes Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, calls Foxy Brown "an idiot".

Daddy-O criticizes Rakim more of "I Know you Got Soul" lyric.

"Not where you're from, where you are," a Rakim lyric that remained relevant for decades, but according to Stetsasonic Daddy-O, the letter is a lie.

"He caught everything, they think he is the best MC," Daddy-O said. "It has always been about where you are. Any MC worth their salt is going to talk about where he is...The reason why Rakim can't make records now is because there is nothing to talk about."

Daddy-O offer their thoughts on a number of other rappers during his interview in the Oscillation of the Universe. He revealed that he would like to one day mentor Chief Keef, and Rick Ross called out to J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar selfish, and the label of Foxy Brown "an idiot".

The Brooklyn-born musician also shared the motivation behind naming your latest project, all over the world, But KRS. According to Daddy-O, who spoke on the importance of competition in Hip Hop, KRS-One is an artist he does not think that he could beat, lyrically.

"The competition will always be the cornerstone of Hip-Hop," he said. "I looked to my peers. Chuck really not included because of me and Chuck is like the same person. But then I thought that I could beat. And that I couldn't overcome. And the only name that occurred to me that I could not overcome was Kris [KRS-One]...I have influences, and when I look at my heroes, it was always about the next step."

Later, in his interview, Daddy-O spoke in the previous generation of rappers dropping the ball when it came to passing on her legacy to the next generation of rappers.

"The best thing we can do is support them," Daddy-O said. "I'm so angry with us because I feel we dropped the ball. I feel like when I was doing what I was doing, not what we think of the inheritance. We didn't think we were going to pass to anyone. And so, if we complain about Young Thug, it's like, 'Nigga, it's your fault. Daddy-O is your fault that he wears a dr


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