Danny Brown Announces New Album During Twitter Q&A

HipHop News Posted on July 9, 2018 at 3:19am

Danny Brown Announces New Album During Twitter Q&A

But, he says, "It's not to come in any time".

It seems that Danny Brown is working on a new album. The rapper from Detroit, made the announcement via Twitter Sunday (July 8) during a very candid Q&A, that entertain during the seven-hour flight.

When Kickstarter's Director of Music of Meredith Graves asked why, suddenly, he became "the most entertaining person on twitter and/or never," he replied, "I gotta new album coming."

I have the new album coming!!!!!!!! https://t.co/37g2BqGTrb

— Danny Brown (@xdannyxbrownx) July 8, 2018

During a livestream on Instagram that same day, Brown said he wanted to work with Alchemist in the still-untitled project. Some fans thought that meant he was working exclusively with the quotes mobb Deep collaborator, but that turned out not to be the case.

"I said that I am waiting to work with on this new album that does not produce the whole thing tho," Brown said.

Reverse psychology ! I am the only one that hopes the album lol https://t.co/RovIboE2FE

— Alchemist (@Alchemist) 8 July 2018

Although Brown mentioned that the project is almost finished, " said the rapper Your Old Droog he had no idea when it was dropping. On Monday morning (July 9), he wrote on twitter, "it's not going to come in at any moment."

Does not come in any time soon lol https://t.co/ksxCUP5GuV

— Danny Brown (@xdannyxbrownx) July 9, 2018

During Brown's Twitter marathon, he responded to questions about what it is to be rich (he didn't) and why he never performed "Pac Blood" in his shows (he doesn't know the words).

Take a look at some highlights of the questions And answers below.

Grandmothers hands which influenced $ 25 https://t.co/kYhVPleIAJ

— Danny Brown (@xdannyxbrownx) July 8, 2018

Accept responsibility .. if you fucked up and apologize and do whatever it takes to do the right thing https://t.co/nAaN7ONq2Q

— Danny Brown (@xdannyxbrownx) July 8, 2018

I am more of a normal cartoon https://t.co/V6zt


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