Dave Chappelle Surprises to the Students In the Possibility of the Rapper Open Mike Event

HipHop News Posted on January 31, 2017 at 3:52am

Dave Chappelle Surprises to the Students In the Possibility of the Rapper Open Mike Event

Tell 'em how you feel.

Chicago, IL – Comedian Dave Chappelle cracked jokes with the young people and offered words of advice, yesterday (January 30), during a surprise appearance on Chance The Rapper Open Mike event in Chicago.

Don't skimp on the humor, Chappelle may not offer the multitude of high school students with the occasional laugh, but also took the time to offer a few life lessons, talking about the importance of being able to feel.

Chappelle added that the responsibility falls on the artist more now than ever to remind people "of themselves" and "get 'em to think again."

"We need young artists out there," Chappelle said while speaking to the crowd of students. "Because many people come to me and say: "Dave, you tell it like it is'. No, I don't think so. It never did. I don't know what that is. I'll tell you how it feels. People know a lot of the information. But forget what things feel like. So, the job of the artist is to remind them of themselves. Get 'em to think again. Get 'em feeling again...to see that our president is. Gotta tell 'em what it feels like. This is important at times. So, I hope that you are up to the task."

Thanks @DaveChappelle for the wise words and @chancetherapper for the creation of an amazing event. Best Monday night ever. #openmike pic.twitter.com/JshOniCFXv

— your dalia (@SarcasticDahl) January 31, 2017

Also on hand for The Occasion, the Rapper of the last Open Mike event was the cast of The New Story of the Edition and the Chicago Bulls player Jimmy Butler.

Open Mike was created to provide a platform for the "young creators to the construction of the next generation of cultural community."

Other celebrities have included Kanye West and Vic Mensa, who performed a handful of songs, including "U Mad", "We don't care", and "All Day", during an appearance in the year 2015. Jeremih also joined the Opportunity at the Open Mike last month.

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