Dave East Said That His "Aspect" Of Those Who Helped Him In The Lack Of Housing

HipHop News Posted on October 19, 2018 at 4:30am

Dave East Said That His "Aspect" Of Those Who Helped Him In The Lack Of Housing

"I stayed with a couple of girls ... shout-out".

The City of new York, NY – Harlem's own Dave East has had a tough road on his way to notoriety, but he says having the privilege of being a handsome man could have done their difficulties much more smooth.

In a benefit show for Hoodies For The homeless at the Irving Plaza on Thursday (18 October), he said to Page Six about how he survived being homeless during a terrible period of his life.

"Yes, I have had the experience of being homeless, This," he said. "I had fallen asleep in the car a minute. I was in the street throughout the year. It was more [that] I don't want to ask my moms and pops at the time [it helps], and I felt like I was grown up so I went through my little phase."

Despite facing terrible hard times, This credits its appeal to have an easier time in the streets of the majority.

"I'm not going to lie — my appearance helped me," he added. "I stayed with a couple of girls ... shout-out. They know who they are."

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Styles P, who was also in attendance and shared the new joint album Beloved with This, he also shared his experiences of being homeless.

"I've been homeless," he said. "I lived in one of these motels for a minute — me, my mom, my brother and sister. Then we made out and moved to a great neighborhood."


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