Do Not Plug In Says Missing Funds Fresh

HipHop News Posted on April 18, 2017 at 9:02am

Do Not Plug In Says Missing Funds Fresh

EXCLUSIVE: HipHopDX speaks with the controversial rapper from Atlanta during The los Angeles stop in 21 Wild of the Issa Tour.

Los Angeles, CA – Following the shooting death of a buzzing rapper from Atlanta Funds Frescoes of the last year, there is a Plug became public enemy number one in the eyes of many. That became even more noticeable once he did an interview with Vlad TV where he shared his story of what happened that night and he said that he fired the fatal shot in self-defense.

The people around the dead rapper's camp were not happy with the interview, including Funds Frescoes of the uncle, Marvin Shadi Powers, VP of Digital Marketing of the Street of Money around the World. Powers wrote an open letter to DJ Vlad calling him a "culture vulture" for the interview with No Plug.

Since then, various media have published surveillance footage of the shooting so far, it seems backup does Not Connect the claim of self-defense.

A rapper who still do Not Plug in the side 21 of the Savage, who has defended his homie along all the controversy.

When HipHopDX the Associate Producer of the Urals, Garrett was found with No Plug in The Luxe City Center Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, said this about his relationship with the 21 Savage whom he brought with him throughout his Issa Tour alongside Young M. A.

"[21 Savage] is like my little brother," he said Without a Plug. "I learned the work ethic. As he works as a muthafucka. He goes to the studio when we are in the study for around two to three times a week. He is going to remain in the study from eight to five. He engineers and make beats. As he did a turnabout in the Culinary Arts and he does a lot of shit. He is a lot of motivation for real. He was here last year, and he is here this year. He's on another level".

During the interview, Jack said that although in the first couple of months after the shooting were strained, the public perception of what has improved since the security cam footage was released.

"It is much better," he said. "During the Hi-Horsed Tour, took me to another level and now we h


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