Donald Glover Dubs "Atlanta," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" For The Rappers

HipHop News Posted on March 1, 2018 at 4:05am

Donald Glover Dubs "Atlanta," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" For The Rappers

He also bought a significant number of Girl Scout cookies.

The second season of Donald Glover success of the FX show Atlanta premieres Thursday (March 1), which means that the creator is doing the press rounds to get the word out.

Glover, formerly known as Childish Gambino, stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, on Wednesday (28 February) to talk about growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, his music career and, of course, of Atlanta.

When Colbert asked him if the Paper Boi of experiences as a rapper are inspired by Gambino's own career, he explained, "Some of them are me. Some of them are of my brother. Some are simply the writer's experiences. A lot of people picked up that this is Twin Peaks for rappers but is it really to Curb Their Enthusiasm for the rappers."

"Being a rapper is super awkward," he added. "We are in a video and that has as champagne and cigarette butts near his face ... and then you have to go to Whole Foods, and the person is like, 'Hey you're the guy' and you're like, 'Please, I really want to buy this ice cream", but they are like, 'I have to be right now, so let's take this photo.' You're like, 'Ok.' You have to be fighter of the face, but in the real world all the time."

Glover also spoke about why he decided to play the role of Role of the Board in place of an administrator, the rapper himself.

"Playing a rapper ... that would have been wack to me," he said. "That would have been wack to me. That just feels wack. It just didn't feel fresh for me to make music and then do a show. I don't think anyone wants to see a sample of what that is."

His parents, who are strict Jehovah's Witnesses, raised him according to their religious practices.

"I was taught that the world was a bad place," he said. "I actually wasn't allowed to watch T. V. I don't have birthdays. That's a religion thing, but I think that with a lot of children, my mom was like a lot of money to save.

"Magic is not allowed. Card tricks, none of that. No Magic The Gathering. Not Magic


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