Drake Begins Hollywood Push With The "Boy" Remake

HipHop News Posted on November 8, 2017 at 6:27am

Drake Begins Hollywood Push With The "Boy" Remake

Hollywood Drizzy.

Drake is apparently plotting a major push in the world of Hollywood, from his remake of the critically acclaimed British crime drama, Top of the Child.

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Drizzy is working with Netflix to bring back the popular show, which ended in 2013 after two season in the Uk's Channel 4. The third season is reportedly in production early next year, with Netflix currently looking at 2019 as its initial debut date.

The show's original creative team return, while Drake and his business partner, Adel "Future" Nur, serve as executive producers. LeBron James' SpringHill Entertainment banner is also executive producer of the show alongside Drake and Nur.

"That human element that attracted me," Drake told The Hollywood Reporter. "I started out just looking for them. Like, who are these people? Are these actors I should know? They are famous for there? I remember that hit me the Future, and I was like, 'This show is incredible.'"

"Drake's passion for the Top Boy it was clear from the first conversation, and he really drove his resurrection," Netflix VICE president of Original Content Cindy Holland said.

Top of the Child, which is something similar to the HBO series The Wire, features Ashley Walters (get Rich or Die tryin') and the British rapper Kane Robinson, better known by her stage name Kano.

The team that has made it possible to #TopBoy2019 @therealkano @ashleywalters @futuretheprince

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In addition to Top Boy, Drake, and Nur has a number of film and television companies in the pipeline, despite the fact that remain tight-lipped about the projects.

The business partners are currently shopping The Carter Effect — your first film as a producer — following his debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The film looks at the l


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