Drake, the Heart Transplant Hero Undergoes a Successful Surgery

HipHop News Posted on September 20, 2018 at 4:35am

Drake, the Heart Transplant Hero Undergoes a Successful Surgery

Sofia Sanchez in heart transplant: "I't felt free in a long time."

Chicago, IL – Her 11-year-old girl who captured the hearts of many after you get a surprised visit to the hospital, Drake.

Today, Sofia Sanchez has a new heart and is speaking for the first time about his successful heart surgery and meet your favorite artist of all time.

Sofia Sanchez told ABC News that she and the Hip-Hop star "we have been pretty well" and that he even gave his cell phone number, which she "pinky promised" that I was not going to give it away to anyone.

Sofia filmed a video before her 11th birthday in August to ask for two gifts: a visit from Drizzy and a new heart. Less than a week after Sofia, "Kiki Challenge" video of the dance went viral, Drake visited him in the hospital.

Shortly after the meeting of Drake, Sophia learned that a donor heart was available. She underwent the nine-hour heart transplant. After waiting 48 days for a new heart and undergoing the successful transplant, Sophia was discharged from the hospital.

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