#DXCLUSIVE: OPM's Aysha Monet Premieres "Too Nice" Music Video

HipHop News Posted on October 9, 2018 at 7:00am

#DXCLUSIVE: OPM's Aysha Monet Premieres "Too Nice" Music Video

#DXCLUSIVE: Aysha Monet of the OPM is what is known, she's too pretty to deal with men that waste your time.

Los Angeles, ca – OPM of the First Lady Aysha Monet premiered their music video "Too Pretty, making it clear that she is going to be wasting your time and energy and not to good men.

Aysha lets it be known that she is not on the side of chicken or a choice and no woman should comply with the same. The visual and the song of cement that mentality all the way through, with the growing singer taking viewers along a phrase very well-known story of the women go through when dealing with the opposite sex.

"'Very Beautiful' is an empowerment song for women who may have had to deal with men who don't respect women or understand their value," Aysha says HipHopDX. "Despite the fact that true beauty comes from within, 'Very Nice' exemplifies when women take care of themselves physically to get their nails done, hair done, and self-care can increase your confidence by making them realize that it is too nice for that shit."

Los Angeles singer-songwriter released her EP don't Forget earlier this year and she comes and popular "Niggas Like You."

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