#DXCLUSIVE: Pay-day Records Radamiz Drops Empire State Epic "NYNYNYNY" Video

HipHop News Posted on October 19, 2018 at 1:00am

#DXCLUSIVE: Pay-day Records Radamiz Drops Empire State Epic "NYNYNYNY" Video

Directed by Thana Brick

New York city, NY – AND for his next trick, seasoned Brooklyn lyricist and day of Payment, Records artist Radamiz has linked up with HipHopDX to release the visual for his "NYNYNYNY" single.

"'NYNYNYNY', a film by photographer Thana, of Brick, is our ode to the loneliness experienced in a busy new york city," Radamiz tells HipHopDX. "A scream on a busy street, the soundtrack, the fast walkers, the shoulder to lean on when the city seems to swallow them whole. Our video aims to express the anxiety experienced in the glorious city, the antithesis to the high of the nose of the culture and the exclusivity of the New York elite to show with pride. A video for the people: thousands of cameos, but no one has really seen. This video is a journal entry of the hustler that, regardless of the poverty, the hunger and the inability to capture the attention of its history maintained a supreme confidence in the self – knowledge, the love being sought is around the corner of despair."

Given the fact that the rappers need to have a diversified offer to the fans, Radamiz also joined forces with peer-to-peer shopping app Depop to NYC billboard and subway advertising campaign and developed a limited edition of "NYNYNYNY" long sleeve t-shirt ideal for the winter coming.

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respect those who paved the way. good karma cheat code for later #samo #aldiaz

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