#DXCLUSIVE: Rasheed Chappell Debuts "First stone" of the Album Stream

HipHop News Posted on September 13, 2018 at 4:00am

#DXCLUSIVE: Rasheed Chappell Debuts "First stone" of the Album Stream

With DJ Scratch, Lil Fame, O. C. and more.

There was a time when it takes years between albums that was common. But in the crowded Hip Hop landscape, it is easy for artists to get lost in the shuffle during a long time of absence, especially when that period is seven years.

New Jersey Rasheed Chappell seems to capture the attention of the past few listeners and gain new ones with the First Brick, his second album produced entirely by Kenny Dope. The talented MC has teamed up with HipHopDX to bring the principles of listening to the LP before it officially drops on Friday (September 14).

"For those of you who are familiar with my first release, Future Before Nostalgia, who will be happy to see that I have stayed true to form in terms of the beats and rhymes," Chappell says DX. "However, they are a witness of my growth as an artist, musician, storyteller and, in general MC on this project. To those who listen to me for the first time, they will get a glimpse into the world from which I draw my lingo, ideologies and influences. I think that is a balance that reflects my past projects and my future in the now."

Chappell know that you are dealing with a case of "out of sight, out of mind", but is proposed for the First Brick to be the start of something more frequent releases. That said, still focused on creating timeless works of art as opposed to the fall of music for the sake of the conscience.

"Every word that the pen is written to withstand the test of time," he explains. "I don't believe in disposable music. My job is to carefully type a legacy. My words will live long after I am gone, and I hope that those who listen to get a sense of the man and of the times. I know that good music stands the test of time. Case in point, seven years have passed since I dropped an album, and I've been lucky enough to stay in the mind and in the rotation of many around the world. That said, I will never be away that long again. First Brick is the starting point for much more music on the way."


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