#DXCLUSIVE: Wool See Drops "Ewe Gross" LP & "Radio Concuss" Video of the performance

HipHop News Posted on October 12, 2018 at 2:00am

#DXCLUSIVE: Wool See Drops "Ewe Gross" LP & "Radio Concuss" Video of the performance

Get ready for the trunk-rattling, instrumental, Hip-Hop and personal, witty rap reflections.

HipHopDX Premiere – Oldominion/Sandpeople cohort IAME reinvented himself as the imaginary of the band of Wool to See years ago and now, he returned to the surface with a performance video for the YouTube channel of "Radio Concuss."

The nearly 19 minutes of the visual characteristics of five songs, including "Thorium," "Swash", the "Lumps" of "Sideways" and "Gamma Wraith."

Both "Thorium" and "Gamma Wraith", are taken from the Vermont-based MC/producer of the new album of Sheep Gross.

"[The album] merge from trunk-rattling instrumental Hip Hop and personal, witty rap reflections," Wool See tells HipHopDX. "Ewe Gross, I communicate mainly through the door, bustling beats that only sometimes leave space for the words, but always manage to get their point across."

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New album Oct. 12! Pre-order link in the biography of Limited Edition 12" LP (transparent vinyl), and improvements in the Digital Version. Huge love to those who have already picked up a copy, or package! 💗🐑

A post shared by IAME of Wool of View (@iamemusic) on Sep 11, 2018 at 11:05am PDT

Ewe Gross serves as the follow-up of 2017, Out of / to the Left, which focused on his country move from Portland, Oregon the middle of nowhere Vermont.

"The last album ended up being very personal and the things that I wanted to say kind of drove the process," he adds. "Ewe Gross, it was more about the times and just causing a racket. The beats I wrote were those where it just happened naturally. Other songs felt complete as an instrumental, and for all types of functions such as the rhythm of the tape with a light peppering of the letters."

Check out the album stream and tracklist below, watch the video above and cop the album here.

Ewe Gross (Extended Version) of Lana See

Issa Bleat Of The Ribbon In Its Most

Babel Baboon

Gamma Wraith

Chucky Stabs


Gold (Hemorrh) Age

At The End


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