Eminem & Elton John Dish-Anti-Trump BET Cypher, And "Stan" Grammys Performance

HipHop News Posted on October 11, 2018 at 5:59am

Eminem & Elton John Dish-Anti-Trump BET Cypher, And "Stan" Grammys Performance

The rock icon compares Em to Mick Jagger.

Rock icon Elton John kicked off his final episode of his Beats 1 Radio program with an interview with Eminem. Their relationship dates back to 2001, when they performed "Stan" together at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards. John has also been a stabilizing force in all of Em's recovery from substance abuse.

During their conversation, Slim Shady elaborated on how his anti-Trump 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher came to be.

"They were concerned about the people in the audience with their cell phones," Em says. "Then what I say gets out there in the wrong context or just parts of what you know. So that got changed at the last minute to get to Detroit. So I had to change some things."

Em reveals that he chose for the film of the figure in a Detroit garage for a very specific reason.

"It was basically a homage to Public Enemy on the cover of 'you're Gonna Get Yours", which was a 12 inch single back in the day," he says. "But that was something that we were trying to play off".

John and Em, then, to speak of the meeting in the 2001 Grammys, in the middle of accusations of the Shadow of being homophobic. If anything, their joint performance was a giant of the declaration.

"When I saw you rehearsing, I have a shiver down my spine," John admits. "I had not seen anyone do that kind of stuff to me since I saw Mick Jagger in the early days."

In closing, both marvel at his longevity in the music business.

"Hey, I'm blessed," Em says." I think that we are both in a sense of being able to have a longevity of know. It only comes from hard work."

John adds, "the Hard work and passion also. If you lose your passion, you're dead, do you know?"


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