Eminem "Killshot" Marks YouTube's Largest Hip Hop Video Debut of Always

HipHop News Posted on September 18, 2018 at 9:51am

Eminem "Killshot" Marks YouTube's Largest Hip Hop Video Debut of Always

75 million hits and counting.

Eminem has set another record, according to Billboard. With 38.1 million visits in its first 24 hours, Slim Shady "Killshot" marks YouTube's largest Hip Hop video debut, and its third biggest overall debut on the platform of the story.

As the majority of Hip Hop fans are aware, "Killshot" serves as a Em the answer of Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" diss track. The back-and-forth started early this month when Em dropped his 10th studio album Kamikaze.

"Not the Same", with Royce Da 5'9, the Shadow, sent a shot MGK of the address, something that the lanky rapper initially celebrated with a bottle of champagne. But, after marinating on it for a couple of days, he came back with "Rap Diablo".

During a recent interview with Sway Calloway, Em was on the fence if I had to respond to MGK. In consequence, "Killshot" was a pleasant surprise for their fans.

Since its launch, MGK has been flaunting the single's cover art in their concerts. At a show in Orlando earlier this week, that allegedly tricked an entire crowd to participate in their " anti-Eminem campaign, while using a "Killshot" t-shirt.

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I missed. 🎯🙅🏼♂️😂🖕🏽#legshot #rapdevilstillNUMBERONE #letstalkaboutit 😈🔪🐐

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