Eminem Reveals The Reason Why Joe Budden Diss And Why He Came For Machine Gun Kelly

HipHop News Posted on September 12, 2018 at 11:53am

Eminem Reveals The Reason Why Joe Budden Diss And Why He Came For Machine Gun Kelly

"Shut the fuck up!"

Eminem is back with Part II of The Kamikaze Interview with Sway Calloway. Once more, the two of Hip Hop to the fans of diving in a wide variety of topics, including the real reason Em dissed Machine Gun Kelly in "No" and your relationship with Joe Budden.

"Me and Joe Budden are not friends like that," he begins. "We are not in the same fuckin' high school or something, so I have that part. But, when I'm out here flying around to different places and doing interviews, and trying to use my platform for the pump of a Slaughterhouse, every time I have the opportunity, and is using his platform to the fucking trash of me, and I am one of the things that make this boat movin'...

"You have a voice in Hip Hop ... could be one of the reasons the ship is sinking. You owe me nothing and I've never won in a fuckin' interview and it has been like 'Joe Budden shit is fuckin' trash. The last album took fuckin' garbage.' So, that's the kind of attitude I took to this whole album Kamikaze. Like, well, what can I give you all my opinion on them?"

From there, Em addresses what happened to the Slaughterhouse, and why he chose to diss Budden in the "Fall" from the Shadow of the 10th studio album.

"I feel like the reason why I had to do that is because, as I said, there is a fine line between saying," You know what this man has been really great with me, he helped me and tried to help on many occasions, so I'm not going to enter in 'Untouchable' like that. I'm going to say is not for me, I'm not crazy about her — whatever.'

"But to be the" worst song you've heard in your life?' Have you heard your own shit? Do you not listen again? Because if that is the worst song you've heard in your life, I don't know."

Finally, the Oscillation question about Machine Gun Kelly and what was going on behind the scenes. He reveals that he had nothing to do with a comment about his daughter Hailie.

"The shit is just for the record," he says. "What was going o


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