Exposed (Prod. Russ) [Stream/ Listen]

Russ Posted on September 7, 2016 at 1:01pm


Listen to Russ's latest offering, Exposed (Prod. Russ), which he just unleashed on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

i bring it to the light.....


Y'all gon have to do better
I can't believe what I'm seeing
All this bullshit going on
The industry is deceiving
All the masses
Pitching rappers as these independent grinds
Meanwhile there's been a label right behind them the whole time
Fake shit call it out
You were plugged before your first song
I was puttin in work
You were getting worked on
Yo fans are fickle
Cuz your come up is a mystery
My fans gon stick with me
Cuz me and them got history
Longer than 2 songs
You don't know how to build
You tried to start at the roof ah
You won't be here for too long
I don't fuck with crews unless you're the one who put the crew on
The rest of y'all got buzz because he put you on a few songs
Ooo umm did that strike a nerve
If the shoe fits then wear it
Either way I know the truth imma share it
See these rappers sign deals
Labels know what they're doing
They tell the rapper don't announce it
So the people keep rooting

Try to keep me on the hush but i do not give a fuck
This is Russ uncut ill expose you
You aint really seen shit just wait till im on
Then its on gotta lot i gotta show you
Why you gotta lie
Ill bring it to the light
Gotta expose fake shit
I put in too much time

I'm comin thru exposing fake shit
God can't save you
Youre a boss?
You gotta boss
And that boss rapes you
Barely pays you
But you cool with it
You're a soldier unaware that you're a lieutenant
I gotta gripe with the media
All of y'all are wanna be's
Producers and rappers
Down for sodomy
Dick taking
Cuz the industry tells you to
It's fucked up I had a standard that I held you to
I'll name names if you provoke me
So shut your fucking mouth
My platform is way bigger
Than the ones that turned me down
Bunch of grown men and women
Talkin bout grown men and women for a livin
Man you gotta be kidding
Call me bitter
Call me jealous
Call me this
Call me that
This is 10 years grinding what the fuck you call that
Made the beats wrote the songs sang the hooks
And I mixed it

russ exposed diemon "Hip Hop"

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