Famous Dex's Antics At UC Irvine of the Shocktoberfest Lead To the Event of the Cancellation of

HipHop News Posted on October 21, 2018 at 5:17am

Famous Dex's Antics At UC Irvine of the Shocktoberfest Lead To the Event of the Cancellation of

Shut it down, literally.

Irvine, CA – Famous Dex literally close a show with his performance at UC Irvine's Shocktoberfest.

The Rich Always artist jumped into the crowd during his set at the university's annual event on Friday (19 October), which caused fans to rush the stage en masse. The pandemonium prompted the officials to cancel the rest of the concert, which was scheduled to be headed by YG.

"We have had to take the decision to close the show due to the many security risks," Dilraj Toor, UC Irvine's Student Services Vice president, said in a statement on Facebook. "Our midliner, Famous Dex, introduced us to the challenges that are escalated outside of our control. We do the best we can to prepare for situations like this, but with the students running to the floor, and the creation of a dangerous environment, we had no other option.

"The main goal of ours is to, yes, to ensure that students have fun, but that does not outweigh the safety of the students. That is, and always will be, the greatest of our concerns, and when we feel that safety has been compromised on the last night, we had to end the show."

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UCI show headlining YG cancelled because people were precipitated to the ground during Dexters DOPE-ASS performance. #famousdex #shocktoberfest #crazy

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After the cancellation, more chaos ensued outside the UC Irivine's Bren Events Center. The students climbed up into Dex's car and banged on the windows, according to the newspaper of the New school University.

The images of the scene showed a man, believed to be Dex, in the interior of the vehicle carrying a firearm. The incident caused an alert from the campus police.

See the video below.

Here the famous dex pointing a gun at us hehe pic.twitter.com/yNA3v9DE4w

— 💗 (@nicoleelunaaa) on the 20th of October 2018

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