Get Ready: Mike Tyson Preparation Of Debut Rap Album After Soulja Boy Diss

HipHop News Posted on January 17, 2017 at 9:00pm

Get Ready: Mike Tyson Preparation Of Debut Rap Album After Soulja Boy Diss

EXCLUSIVE: Grammy Award-winning master Damon Elliott gives you the truth about your relationship with Iron Mike, and why Chris Brown has the upper hand against the "Crank That" creator.

Los Angeles, CA – As if the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown saga couldn't be more ridiculous.

Breeze of the coach for the next Dubai boxing, Iron Mike Tyson himself, he dropped his Soulja diss track "If You show up" on Monday (January 17), and, apparently, it is only the beginning.

The music that accompanies the video showed lip sync model as that involved in activities ranging from work to bang a beanie-the Deandre Way alter ego. Tyson so kindly made a small cameo in his own video near the end.

Speaking with the record's producer, Damon Elliott, fans, haters and general viewers alike can expect more. Yes, that means an album.

"Damn right, we're going to put some more singles out there and put a compilation together," Elliott says HipHopDX during a phone call. "Why not? I'm saying that out of my mouth. I have sold 150 million albums and won a Grammy, and has been nominated seven times. Mike is getting real and I'm happy about it."

Our CEO @damonelliott In The Studio With Mike Tyson. #AZStarTalent #ChrisBrown #MikeTyson #Damonelliott

— AZ STAR TALENT® (@AZStarTalent) on the 12th of January 2017

Elliott says that his friendship with Tyson returns to his earlier teens, and Kid Dynamite has always been in music.

"Mike looked at me in produce all kinds of artists from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to Destiny's Child," he recalls. "He always had a good ear for music and he is very educated in that world."

According to Elliott, "If" was not the first album that they recorded together.

"I mentioned to him that it would be fun to get in the studio and make some songs," he said. "He was like yes, why not? I started to drop some beats and started to drop some letters. We did a lot of music together. We got back to the house and he mentioned that Chris Brown wanted to be trained by him. I had no idea that he was fighting Soulja Boy. Then, I was like we should go back in the studio and make a song j


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