Hacker Emissions of N. W. a "Fuck Tha Police" On the Police Radios

HipHop News Posted on January 9, 2018 at 11:48pm

Hacker Emissions of N. W. a "Fuck Tha Police" On the Police Radios

The police in new Zealand said that the issue is to put people in danger.

Dunedin, New Zealand – A number of police officers in New Zealand have been forced to listen repeatedly to N. W. a's "Fuck Tha Police", after someone illegally broadcast the song through their radios, in accordance with the decision of the Otago Daily Times.

Emissions even interfered with officers who were responding to a man pointing a gun at a motorist on Friday (5 January), the publication of the reports. Inspector Kelvin Lloyd said the person, or persons, responsible for dissemination of the song, while he was trying to coordinate the police response to the incident.

"It was putting people in danger," he told the Otago Daily Times. "There is No doubt that if it is carried out, and if you do what we are doing is delaying a response."

The song was reported to have been heard over the police radios on numerous occasions during the weekend, and again on Monday (8 January).

Lloyd said that no police radios had disappeared, and he admitted that the department was sure that the interference is done through other means.

"Any interference with a police radio was a risk to public safety, and anyone caught doing this can face a penalty of prejudice to criminal and up to a year in prison," Lloyd added.


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