Hip-Hop Pioneer Jimmy Spicer Diagnosed With Advanced Brain And Lung Cancer

HipHop News Posted on September 9, 2018 at 9:32am

Hip-Hop Pioneer Jimmy Spicer Diagnosed With Advanced Brain And Lung Cancer

#DXCLUSIVE: Author Mark Skillz talks about the elusive Hip-Hop legend.

Brooklyn, NY – Hip-Hop careers have the charm of traveling the world, flattery, and (hopefully) money, but there is one thing that we don't have is a health plan. As our Hip-Hop pioneers of the age, the more often find themselves in precarious situations.

Jimmy Spicer, one of the first MCs to release a song on wax, has been diagnosed with advanced brain and lung cancer. Fellow pioneer Hip Hop artist Kurtis Blow, shared the news on Twitter about two weeks.

"Jimmy Spicer – One of the pioneers of [Hip] - Hop needs our help," he wrote. Attached is the link to Spicer page GoFundMe.

Jimmy Spicer – One of the pioneers of the ho Hop needs our help. Donate here!!! https://t.co/PgduceoiSz

— Kurtis Blow (@KurtisBlow1) August 25, 2018

According to the GoFund Me page, Spicer is currently undergoing radiation treatment for his brain tumor, but in need of chemotherapy to the tumor in the lung. So far, it has raised less than $1,500 of its $100,000 goal.

Spicer dropped "Adventures Of Super Rhymes" in 1980 and delineated for MCs such as Slick Rick and Dana Dane. With his storytelling raps, he captivated his listeners with his wild stories of life in Brooklyn.

Spicer's music has been tried and tested by many Hip Hop artists. Wu-Tang Clan famously sampled Spicer "Money (Dollar Bill y'all) for the classic cut "C. R. E. A. M." and Montell Jordan uses fragments of the same track to his 1995 hit "This Is How we Do It."

Kanye West, MC Lyte, Busta Rhymes, 2Pac, Warren G and The D. O. C. have also taken some notes from Spicer to create something of their music.

But in terms of just output, Spicer has retired from the music industry for the better part of three decades.

According to the author Mark Skillz, he just wanted to focus on his family.

"In 25 to 30 years, that has not really done an interview," Skillz says HipHopDX. "Jimmy is a true mercurial friend. When I finally got Jimmy on the phone — I went through y


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