Hip Hop Week In Review: Kanye West Causes Havoc By Calling Slavery ", Option"

HipHop News Posted on May 6, 2018 at 9:00am

Hip Hop Week In Review: Kanye West Causes Havoc By Calling Slavery ", Option"

In addition, exclusive interviews with Hopsin, Cal Scruby, I-I and Mally Mal.

HipHopDX – Kanye West, baffled and angered many when he made a controversial comment about slavery, which sparked days of discussion and debate. In addition, the 50% can not get enough of the mocking of rappers, this time taking pictures of Jim Jones and Hell Rell. Finally, the woman who claimed Displacement of the pregnant was exposed as a liar.

Kanye West Says That Slavery Was An Option

#SwipeLeft: today In the @TMZ_TV live #KanyeWest discussed how slavery was an option, and how Trump is your best friend. #VanLathan had a few words for Kanye as well. Thoughts?

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Kanye West was on TMZ Live and said that slavery was an "option". Obviously, being a slave was not an option so that the West was ridiculed and place through social media fire for his reckless assertion.

In an attempt to clean up his comments, West said that meant that I should have been more revolts of the slaves in the vein of Nat Turner.

Before the TMZ interview, a conversation " You had with Charlamagne Tha God was shared online in which West revealed why she had the mental breakdown in 2016.

After the G. O. O. D. Music founder caused a commotion, which was removed again to Wyoming, presumably to continue making his next album, which is scheduled for the June 7 release.

It has also been credited as the producer of Christina Aguilera, the new single from "Speed up" with Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz, and he is featured on Travis Scott's latest track "Clock" with Lil Uzi Vert.

Watch West's interview with Charlamagne here.

50 Cent's Mockery Of Jim Jones & Hell Rell

Someone tell @50cent thank you all for th free publicity, but if he doesn't stop, this is going to go forever lol ps I don't know how I feel about u keep the publication of another grown man in ur page is like th 3rd time u posted me lol chill I do not like tht lol

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