#HipHopAFilm Yields Very Interesting And Intelligent Results On Twitter

HipHop News Posted on March 30, 2018 at 12:57pm

#HipHopAFilm Yields Very Interesting And Intelligent Results On Twitter

Brought to you by Aloha tags.

Twitterverse – the Hashtag Roundup and Aloha Labels linked on Twitter today, the hashtag game, #HipHopAFilm.

The end result revealed a lot of social media users showing how much they were in their Hip Hop and movie culture.

For anyone in the dark, I think that the Wheel of Fortune's "Before And After" puzzle format and take on the likes of rappers, Hip-Hop, song titles and famous movies.

Naturally, there were a lot of Eminem...

#HipHopAFilm Aunt Eminem pic.twitter.com/QciOY0aAQO

X β€” Mill Runner 🌞🌟🌜 (@xmillrunner) 30 March 2018

The NevEmineming History #HipHopAFilm

β€” LitWit (@LitWitit) 30 March 2018

Bad mom's Spaghetti #HipHopAFilm

β€” RiotGrl✨ (@ErinLea7) 30 March 2018

Dial Eminem Murder #HipHopAFilm

β€” Adrian Lui (@adrianlui) 30 March 2018

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Mathers #HipHopAFilm

β€” David E (@DaSkrambledEgg) 30 March 2018


We Are Marshall Mathers

β€” Kindergarten Dropout (@ThisWasMyIdea) 30 March 2018

I Hate 8-Mile #HipHopAFilm

β€” Kristie Smeltzer (@KristieSmeltzer) 30 March 2018

The Eminem Who Stare at Goats #HipHopAFilm

β€” Crystal (@SeamonkeyzRule) 30 March 2018

...a lot of notable Hip Hop heavyweights...

Kanye West Side Story #HipHopAFilm pic.twitter.com/wzH9fFcR4n

β€” Hadou-Ken! (@TheKenApp) 30 March 2018

Drakes on a Plane #HipHopAFilm pic.twitter.com/2ms9aKPc7Y

β€” Rachel (@bachelruckley) 30 March 2018

#HipHopAFilmMaster Q Theatre

β€” 🀘gimme80smusic🀘 (@80sjams) 30 March 2018

How The Kanye West Was Won #HipHopAFilm pic.twitter.com/X1rqqqFHkr

β€” Kristen πŸ’– Fitzgerald (@klf113) 30 March 2018

Dmx-men #HipHopAFilm

β€” GhostOfPeanut – just a shell of my former self (@Angrypeanut5) 30 March 2018

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Cudi#HipHopAFilm

β€” Cameron Grant (@coolcam101) 30 March 2018

#HipHopAFilm Lil you'll


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