Hollow Da Don On Murda Mook: "you Have More Interviews Of the Battles"

HipHop News Posted on May 10, 2016 at 7:03am

Hollow Da Don On Murda Mook: "you Have More Interviews Of the Battles"

Hollow Da Don vs Murda Mook is a rap battle that needs to happen to resolve a debate.

THE debate, of truth.

The second battle of rap legends are in the conversation for the greatest of all time, despite the fact that I have taken very different routes to get there. Harlem's Murda Mook was without a doubt the first great battle rapper, emerging from the HIT DVD of the time of the first half of the decade of 2000 with the historic battles against Jae Millz, Serius Jones and Loaded Lux. His return in 2012 against Iron Solomon in the URL's "Summer Madness 2" was a fiasco that saw him win the battle in front of a very volatile crowd, causing many fans to have him in Eminem's "Total Slaughter" event where he had a clear in the construction of win in a rematch with Lux. He has since raised his profile through releases of albums, film appearances and a regular stream of interviews, as well as with talk of a battle with Drake — but this July will mark two years since the last time you went into the battle rap arena.

The rapper from Queens Hollow Da Don has always been more active than Mook, with 26 in the house of battles (not counting his run-in 106 and Park's "Freestyle Friday") in comparison with Mook 11. Gap built its reputation through a variety of platforms and eras, through Jumpoff freestyle 2-on-2, for Fight Klub, Grindtime, URL, facing Joe Budden at "Total Slaughter." This Sunday (May 15) he is doing his King Of The Dot debut against the former league champion Pat Stay, seen by most as the best fighter to come out of Canada.

Huge battles like Hollow Da Don vs Murda Mook are not easy to establish. Both expect big paydays for the match and the league and/or investor that backs it needs to make sure to recover costs. But in the last few months, both masters of ceremonies have again begun to talk about the possibility that the party.

Mook, said in a recent interview that is open to the battle, explaining that "a lot of mothafuckers feel like [Gap] the best nigga so I have no choice, but to do that".

In a conversation wi


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