How King Von Is Another Chicago Light Dimmed Too Soon

HipHop News Posted on November 7, 2020 at 3:15am

How King Von Is Another Chicago Light Dimmed Too Soon

The O'Block representative succumbed to his injuries after being shot outside an Atlanta nightclub early Friday morning (Nov. 6).

King Von was more than just a rapper from the south side of Chicago that recounted stories of the hood all over menacing drill production. He was a rising star that fought through difficult circumstances and positioned himself to be a leader of the new generation of Chicago Hip Hop. To the Hip Hop community, King Von is another young rapper gone before his time, but to the city of Chicago and the O’Block neighborhood, he was a light dimmed too soon.

Growing up in the O’Block neighborhood on South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Von found himself deeply embedded in the violent, crime-ridden streets that consumed Chicago’s inner city. He spent time in and out of jail at a very young age, and before taking rap seriously in 2018, he was proving his innocence in a murder charge that would have put him away for life. Sadly, this and death are the outcomes for many people who grow up in neighborhoods like these, and not many can say they were able to change their trajectory like Von was able to do, through Hip Hop..centered-ad {

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In two years, King Von managed to carve a formidable lane for himself in a regional Hip Hop scene that often gets overlooked by the public eye. It’s no secret how some critics feel about Chicago drill music because of its visceral, grim content. King Von’s mentor Lil Durk, who is widely considered a legend in the Chicago drill scene, h


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