Hurricane Chris Returns From the Darkness To Threaten Kodak Black Lockjaw

HipHop News Posted on February 6, 2017 at 6:40pm

Hurricane Chris Returns From the Darkness To Threaten Kodak Black Lockjaw

"I'm fair with them hands boy," "Bay Bay" rapper said.

Shreveport, LA – in early January, Kodak Black made the conscious decision to invite Lil Wayne to catch a cast after he expressed his intention to obtain the "best rapper alive" title once and for all.

Almost a month later, one of Wayne's so-called allies are stepping up to the plate in your defense. Drake? Nicki Minaj? Mack Maine? Cortez Bryant? Nope.

It is nothing less than ... the Hurricane Chris to the rescue.

Rap fans may remember Louisiana rapper to break a decade ago at about the same time as Soulja Boy with his Billboard Top 10 hit "a Bay Bay" and later score a regional hit with "Halle Berry (She's fine)" a couple of years later. Since then, the majority of their musical contributions largely fell under the radar, but there's nothing like injecting yourself into a course of "meat" (no matter how one-sided) to get his name ringing.

"I'm saying this and I'm saying this once," Chris, 27, said angry in your Snapchat feed. "I go by the name of Hurricane Chris and if you fuck with any of my people, you have to deal with me. With that being said, Wayne, Weezy, Tunechi — whatever you want to call it — gon fuck with him, you gon fuck with me. That is what I am getting, 51/50. Straight like that. You play with my people, and I am breaking the jaw. It's going down just like that. And you know that I'm talking about!"

In other places, said the young Black that he was "ready to punish a pussy" and it was just with the hands.

During his similar-themed Instagram WWE video, Kodak had this to say to his Young Money competitor.

"Oh listen here, man. Tell Lil Wayne to fight against me, nahmsayin?" the "Lockjaw" rapper blurted out. "We finna get in the ring, we finna fight, me and Lil Wayne. I'm finna blow that stupid black ass. And if he whoop me, the best rapper alive, ya heard me?"

Naturally, Chris is using the opportunity to let the world know that you have a new project dropping this month of March, as his IG feed is


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