Ice Cube Addresses Social Media Silence Following Donald Trump Fiasco: 'There Was A Lot Of Poison'

HipHop News Posted on December 1, 2020 at 4:49am

Ice Cube Addresses Social Media Silence Following Donald Trump Fiasco: 'There Was A Lot Of Poison'

The N.W.A legend was under fire for weeks after it was revealed he was working with the current administration behind the scenes.

Ice Cube has been comparatively silent on Twitter following the Donald Trump fiasco. Prior to the controversy, the N.W.A legend had been tweeting like a madman but hasn’t been on social media much in the last month.

That changed on Monday night (November 30) when Cube once again found himself a trending Twitter topic after sharing a video of himself addressing his Trump connection. Although he doesn’t specifically mention Trump’s name, it’s abundantly clear he’s talking about Trump’s senior advisor Katrina Pierson blowing the lid off Cube’s behind-the-scenes involvement with the current administration..centered-ad {

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“I know a lot people been wondering where I’ve been,” he begins. “I was real active before the election, talking about what’s needed, specifically from the Black community. About 10 days or two weeks before the election, I pushed back all the way pretty much until now because I just fell there was a lot of noise, a lot of poison, lot of people with they own agendas, personal agendas or party agendas. And they really wanted to attack me for what I was doing because it was outside of the line of what they was doing or what they believed need to be done.”

Where the hell has Ice Cube been?

— Ice Cube (@icecube) December 1, 2020

Cube was under fire for most of October due to people bein


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