Icewear Vezzo Aims To Push Social Reform & Keep Detroit Hip Hop Lit With 'Robbin Season 2'

HipHop News Posted on July 18, 2020 at 1:19am

Icewear Vezzo Aims To Push Social Reform & Keep Detroit Hip Hop Lit With 'Robbin Season 2'

"I want people to understand that I'm bigger than a street artist. I'm not just a muthafucka that went to jail and came home and only rap about jail," the Motor City rapper tells HipHopDX.

Detroit rap has seen a resurgence as of late thanks to a band of talented, young rappers that have come from the trenches and helped shine a new light on the city. Their brand of Hip Hop brings listeners to the streets of the Motor City where stories of violence, poverty, and other real-life issues are the backdrop to their hard-hitting songs. One of the pioneers of this contemporary Detroit sound is Icewear Vezzo, a rapper who has his finger pressed firmly on the pulse of the city and has earned the nickname the “Mayor of Detroit” by the natives.

Icewear Vezzo is gearing up for the release of his latest musical effort Robbin Season 2, and he’s looking to expand upon his influence with the upcoming project. “With Robbin Season 2, I’m trying to motivate you, I’m trying to teach you, I’m trying to lift you up,” Vezzo tells HipHopDX over the phone. “But I also want to make you laugh, I want you to go through emotions with me. So for this album, I want the respect that I deserve, that I work hard for as an artist, but I also want you to connect with me. This is it.”.centered-ad {

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The respect that Vezzo yearns for is well-deserved. Not only is he considered one of the leaders of the current era of Detroit rap, but he’s also one of th


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